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The small print that ensures your privacy ...

The internet and e-mail are pretty powerful media, and there are those that look to harvest your personal information so that you are bombarded with unwanted e-mails and snail mail that you didn't ask for and more importantly, don't want.

We believe that you should only get the information you have asked for.

We have devised a simple policy to ensure you can provide your personal details or surf our website secure in the knowledge that your personal details are safe.

Here it is ...

Our privacy policy

1. You can surf our website secure in the knowledge that your personal details will not be taken and stored unless you specifically choose to send them to us to obtain further information about us and what we do;

2. If you send us an e-mail or snail mail asking about our services, we will store your e-mail address so that we can reply and also send you future information about us that we think may be of interest to you;

3. If you do not want us to save your details and to e-mail or post information to you as in (2) above, then please indicate this in your original message and we will ensure that no further information or e-mails are sent to you;

4. We will only save your personal details for the purposes of sending information to you about services relating to us and not relating to any other third party;

5. We will not divulge your details in any way to any third party for any purpose without your express consent;

6. If you do not want to receive any further e-mails, newsletters or other correspondence from us, then please click here to send us an e-mail with "REMOVE" in the subject box;

7. If we receive an e-mail as in (6) above, we undertake to remove you from our mailing list immediately and you will receive no further updates unless you specifically request them.

We hope the above policy is clear and simple, but if you have any concerns or questions, please contact us and we will be pleased to answer any queries you may have.


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